Tim Burton by DavidL

I keep meaning to write about DavidL and his wonderful art but I’ve never quite found the words to do his work justice or decided on which format to post my words/photos in.

David is a veteran of the graffiti scene, 25 years in the game now but he is not someone who’s work you are going to see on a daily basis & he is certainly not someone you are going to bump into on a walk around Barcelona’s legal walls anytime soon.

David has a different way of working and by abandoning the popular method of painting to be seen he has managed to create a world away from the world. Basically if you want to see David’s work then you either have to admire it on Instagram or do some serious sleuthing to find out the location of these incredible caricatures.

I’ve been very fortunate to find some of David’s work in these grey, cold, crumbling buildings. There’s a peacefulness (with a hint of eerie) to these places, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Having spoken with David in person it’s easy to see why he prefers this type of working over spending 6 hours on a legal wall only to see it tagged before it’s completed. As he told me, it’s all about the overall experience not just the finished piece on the wall.

This first piece I want to share with you is his take on British film director, Tim Burton. I’m not sure how David chooses who to paint, are these his favourite actors, painters, comic book heroes or just characters who he feels work well with his style?

The attention to detail on this piece is simply incredible, the blue glasses, the little grey hairs in the beard and the nightmarish character that is his scarf. It’s just all a little bit…well a little bit Tim Burton really, all very goth and exaggerated.

The choice of Tim Burton is probably telling, an outsider director painted by an outsider artist in a place outside of the norm.




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